Get Aligned. Feel Alive.

You are on your path of joyous, enlightened living when your physical-self moves in tune with your eternal self..

I will guide you towards developing a personal relationship with the most important person in your life; guide you to find your true north and to serve your life’s purpose. It is your BIRTHRIGHT to have it all! Let’s get ready to be that best you that you can possibly be.


Manifesting Empowerment Group

Special Law of Attraction Support Circle

Feb 26, 2020

Unity On The Bay, Miami



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Relationships: Attracting Your Perfect Partner!

Special Law Of Attraction Presentation

Sat, 29 Feb 2020

Online: Via Zoom

P.S. Burning Bowl Ceremony & Vision Board Events Avail On Request


My “Bliss Box” of Modalities

Over the years I have added to my list of modalities, and focused on mastering them, so I can confidently choose what is best for your journey with me. They include…

Abundance Check  |  Angel Cards | Akashic Record Readings  |  Anatomy Chart of Emotions  |  Applied Kinesiology  |  Archetypes  |  Aura Cleansing  |  BodyTalk  |  Burning Bowl Ceremony  |  Chakra Cleansing & Balancing  |  Channeling  |  Crystals  |  Daily 5min Energy Medicine Routine  |  Daily Affirmations  |  Daily Alignment Practice  |  Expansion & Growth  |  Goddess Cards  |  Gratitude Journaling  |  Law of Attraction  |  Intuition & Mindfulness  |  Manifestation & Creative Visualization  |  Meditation  |  Mirror Work  |  Moon Cycle Values  |  Nurturing Process  |  Pendulums  |  Pranayama  |  Prayer  |  Protection Shields  |  Reciprocal Resetting  |  Space Cleansing  |  Soul Purpose  |  The Focus Wheel  |  The Process of Pivoting  |  Universal Laws  |  Vision Boards  |  Yoga  |  Yoga Therapy.. Learn about these modalities..

An exciting time to discover what matters to you..

Identify and dissolve your limiting patterns ..

It is time to create some space and time in your life to understand those inner blockages that are preventing you from letting go and healing. It takes courage to do a life review but the lessons learned from this experience will be an invaluable asset for your future.

I am here to guide you to gain clarity.  To help you start living a more enriching, exciting, fulfilling life together with your authentic, spiritual self.

I am here to help guide you into the universal flow of energy, help you to raise your vibrational frequency to meet your goals. My guidance will ease the process of forward thinking and assist you into the expansion. We will work together to access the super consciousness, leading to letting go and healing.

Get ready to walk into a brighter, more abundant future and meet your destiny. With my guidance, the inner work will lead to the life you know you deserve.

A few of my recent articles..

Soul Level Living: What To Expect

Looking within includes being an active participant in your own journey and taking inventory of your life. You are in fact the consciousness observing the program with an intention to resolve, to improve or heal anything that’s unbalanced, to help you move... read more

Understanding Empaths & The Law Of Attraction

We all have a built-in, active emotional guidance system where our Inner Being is constantly communicating with us. Having an active guidance system lets you know what you are focused upon. Being empathetic says my guidance system is stuck here and every time you are... read more


So where does it all begin? It begins with Mindfulness! Mindfulness is one of the most important initial aspects in our spiritual journey. Paying close attention to our thoughts and how our thought makes us feel is where it all begins.. Here are a few things one can... read more

What my clients are saying…

“I continue to understand more about life and continue to work on myself – all with her help!”

Leslie R.

“Gita has a holistic approach to everything and really knows how to connect mind and body.”


“I’m more thankful, so I’m kinder, humbler, more compassionate, more patient, more positive, and happier.”

Roberto M.

“I love your vivacious energy, enthusiasm and appreciate your ongoing motivation and support in keeping my spirits up.”

Devia M.