Lovely to have you here, and share a bit about myself and my journey.  I look forward to getting to know you too.

I am a Transformational Guide and Holistic Healer, guiding people to live their lives with more peace, purpose and prosperity.  I lived the first half of my life in South Africa and the second half in Miami USA, which allows me the unique perspective of two pretty diverse worlds.

I started my spiritual journey being raised in a disciplined, conservative Indian home where rituals and meditation was already a part of our Beingness. Later through deepening my yoga practice, spirituality really piqued my interest and I started to delve deeper. Using myself and my life challenges as an experiment allowed me to investigate and question life. I studied under some of the great masters and leaders to learn some of the deepest techniques and modalities available. This is where I discovered my gift of intuitive readings, channeling and my clairaudience. My deep-seated journey further led me to understand my strengths of teaching, and healing and guiding others towards living their best life.. this opened the doors to a career as a Holistic Healer.

Like everyone else I have been through my challenges, through my experiences of contrast. I have followed the moments of expansion and growth to here. Now.. I live in the moment, I have learnt and trained myself through daily practice to live in alignment.. to hear and connect with my inner being. That is a choice that I have made for myself. I have learnt to respect others at their point of alignment and respect my own point of attraction. Now my personal mission is to live every minute of every day looking through the eyes of source.

My passion is to empower others by sharing my knowledge. To help guide them along their journey; to transform lives by bridging the gap of information. I strongly believe that when I empower someone and that individual changes through our shift of energy then that individual’s family unit also changes. Then their community changes; society changes and the nation changes – the ripple effect of my attempt of changing the world one person at a time.

My mission is simple. To give my best; to teach; to guide; to think holistically; see the whole big picture and to remember my soul as source intended and I agreed to prior to being born into this human body. I offer to help you transform your life from wherever you are to wherever it is that you would like to be – all through the eyes of source of course!

I am devoted to serving the highest good of all those involved, and I would be honored to serve you on your path to enlightenment.

I am Soul Level Living and am here to help guide you transform your life whenever You are ready! Are you open to miracles, to expanding and to your highest potential?

Are you ready? ..