We all have a build in, active emotional guidance system where our Inner Being is constantly communicating with us. Having an active guidance system lets you know what you are focused upon. Being empathetic says my guidance system is stuck here and every time you are using that word you are either making an excuse for or locking yourself in to less than deliberate thought.Tune your empathy, don’t just bumble in and let whatever the strongest vibration is rule you.. prepare yourself and take what you take to the table deliberately. Get yourself tuned in and then go somewhere, and then you won’t pick up on vibrations of others. But if you are limp and unfocused and you go in, then whatever is the strongest vibration in the room is going to sweep you in an emphatic way.

You want to be in control of what you are offering. It’s not what you find once you get into the room, it’s the vibrational preparation you have done before you have entered the room. So for example, if you have been practicing meditation or have been appreciating when you walk into a room, building momentum in a positive direction, there could be a lot going on in there that you won’t even sense because they are on one vibrational frequency and You Are On Another!

Now if you blunder into the day, if you are worried about what happened yesterday, if you are complaining so you have tuned yourself there at a lower vibrational frequency, and you walk into a room you are going to feel empathy for the lowest common denominator. Empathy is not a gift, it is an emotional response to vibration. So, the question is ~ what have you done to prepare yourself?

Also, when someone proclaims themselves as empathetic, they are also acknowledging that they are living, while maybe not wanting to, a very conditional life because their emotions are responding to the conditions around them. And since you cannot control conditions around you, then you really don’t have much control of the way you feel.

When you get off to yourself and get tuned in so that you do have control over what comes back to you, you have mastered control about what you are outputting. But someone who is living a conditional life, walks into a room and observes this and that, they get a mixed bag of vibration going and then you can be empathetic to a whole lot of things that are not a match to your intention, that don’t feel good to you, and that aren’t in sync with your Inner Being. So, someone who is being emphatic is being coached by their environment.