Soul Level Living: What To Expect

Looking within includes being an active participant in your own journey and taking inventory of your life. You are in fact the consciousness observing the program with an intention to resolve, to improve or heal anything that’s unbalanced, to help you move forward. (more…)

Understanding Empaths & The Law Of Attraction

We all have a build in, active emotional guidance system where our Inner Being is constantly communicating with us. Having an active guidance system lets you know what you are focused upon. Being empathetic says my guidance system is stuck here and every time you are using that word you are either making an excuse for or locking yourself in to less than deliberate thought. (more…)


So where does it all begin? It begins with Mindfulness! Mindfulness is one of the most important initial aspects in our spiritual journey. Paying close attention to our thoughts and how our thought makes us feel is where it all begins..

Here are a few things one can expect when we choose to practice mindfulness… (more…)

Moving Into Higher Timelines

Many people have been feeling like they have been thrown off their game this week and as I tune into the energy around what will finally draw that miracle to fruition and shift my life into my desires; here is what is coming through:

It’s time now! It is only your attachment to last year. Your attachments to all the times you were still learning the lessons. You are (subconsciously) basing what to expect on what has already occurred and that is crazy. Crazy because it keeps you in the same loop of creation and cycles of resistance. Crazy because it is this exception that actually limits how much change and miracles you will allow into your life. (more…)

Yoga Therapy

It is said that we store emotions in our body – “issues in the tissues”. Yoga Therapy is a transformative technique allowing an individual to explore their emotional holding patterns that creates dis-ease and dis-comfort. Creating a connection between the mind, body and spirit – the all of who you are – can make you feel fully alive. (more…)

Know Your Worth

We all face difficulties and challenges on a regular basis. It is however important to understand and know how to deal with these challenges when they show up.   (more…)