Law Of Attraction: Online Series


Expansion is part of our natural evolution and I am so excited to announce that classes will now also be offered ONLINE and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home ~ from anywhere in the world ! This is sooo excitingggg!

And as usual, I am enjoying the perfect unfolding of it all as source energy guides me to new opportunities! Attend via phone for audio or laptop, tablets, smartphones for video. Watch the presses for more information…COMING SOON!!!📰🗞


It’s that exciting time of the year again when we use the power and timing of the the new moon to set intention to focus upon manifesting our dreams.

Everyone has a story of what it is that they would like to change, improve or call into their lives. Telling your story helps you clarify what it is that you would like to manifest next into your experience. Believing in it, owning it, claiming your story ~ becoming deliberate about creating it through the visual potency of a treasure map is an important part of the ritual. (more…)

Burning Bowl Full Moon Fire Ceremony

Welcome 2019: Happy New Year Beautiful Souls!

A wonderful ritual that honors any intention to let go – in a concrete way. It opens up the space for us to look  at our core to gives us the chance to release unwanted conditions in our life, to die to the old self, and make room for our new beginnings.  (more…)

Thriving Through the Holiday Season

Whether you are joyously looking forward to the holiday season or depressed at the mere thought of it all – breathe, help is on the way! Relationships can be stressful in the best of times and thriving through the holiday season is not always easy. Would you love to enjoy the holidays and bond with your family and friends more? Sometimes awareness of history and negative behavior patterns set us up to feel stressed out and anxious before they even happen. But things can be different. I invite you to join me in working through the holidays in a joyful, enriching, empowering manner. (more…)