Moving in the direction of your intended desires signifies happiness in that moment ..

I have always enjoyed helping people and it would be a blessing to serve by guiding you. I am here for you; I am here to listen and help guide you into awareness and conscious creating.

Our feelings are indicators helping us navigate towards our true self.  Often we forget that these challenges are a blessing, indicating the direction in which we are moving.  Being thankful and being in appreciation of these experiences creates a shift towards improving the many aspects of life, guiding you to complete well-being.

I am here to help guide you through these challenges and your life circumstances, using my years of experience as a guide and healer, together with my many blissful tools and modalities as needed to aid your journey. I am here to help you notice that which is no longer serving you, to help guide you to make better choices and decisions to stay in alignment.  I am here to show you how to gain clarity, make yourself the focus and get the results you want through practical, applicable processes for everyday life.  I will interweave all of my talents to help awaken you and uplift you to your truest potential.

I am here to guide you away from resistance and teach you allowance.  I will help you get aligned and raise your vibrational frequency..

Simply being in alignment and raising your vibrational frequency can lead you to a life of passion, excitement, acceptance and purpose. My desire is to guide you to understand that no matter where you are in life; your greatest work right now is to make peace with ‘where you are’.  This gives you the ability to handle your daily life experiences with ease, love and allowance in mind, teaching us to see ourselves with the potential to create.

We are all source affected by reality, here to have an experience – now let us work towards this sacred journey of reuniting you with yourself – that source energy. This is where things get really hard for even the smartest people to see in themselves because we all have blind spots.  We all wear our battle scars, often visibly and I will provide an authentic, intuitive, deep listening, safe, encouraging environment to help elevate you. Often, we are so aware of where we are that the majority of our attention goes to what is – so, as we look at what is – you emanate the vibration of what is…which is a different frequency of where/what we want to be.

I will help you find the gap between where you are/what you want and what you’re currently attracting. I am here to assist you to gain clarity about what you truly desire; and help you manifest that into your life.


My Fee Structure ..

  • $195 Akashic Reading
  • $175 for 60 minute session
  • $685 for 4 session package
  • $1020 for 6 session package
  • $1350 for 8 sessions package
  • $350 Couple Session 75 minute session
  • Group & Corporate Sessions – custom quoted

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