When you are conditioned to live your life from a default operating system, you end up struggling to make real the dreams and goals you have for your life. The Law of Attraction is a deliberate system for understanding how the universe works and it is so much more delicious than living life by default and reacting to conditions and circumstances around you.  

BUT, putting into practice the principles of the Law of Attraction can be rough at first if you’ve been running on your own default operating system for a long time. You may have questions along the way and need answers from an experienced faciliator. You may need to adjust things as you go along. You may just be starting off and need some extra guidance. This is what the Law of Attraction Empowerment Group for.

Join me as I offer to guide you through any trials or tribulations that you are currently experiencing. Combining my knowledge of Law of Attraction and holistic energy healing skills, I will provide you with new perspectives together with tricks & tools to implement in your daily life.

Recognize that understanding how the Law of Attraction shows up in your life; how it can help you change your life and how it can allow all of your dreams to come into fruition can lead to freedom and joy.  A vibrational reality exists and we as vibrational beings can learn about how thoughts can become things. There is no reason why well-being is not pouring into every area of your life and into your every experience.

4th Wednesday of Every Month
8 – 9 PM $20

Register @: https://www.unityonthebay.org/law-of-attraction