Getting Started

Welcome to my new Co-Creators…

Taking the step to review your life may be one of the most significant decisions you can make in determining your future. Therefore, your choice of choosing to work with me is one that I appreciate and will honor.  In order that we may work together more effectively, I have outlined general policies for your review.  Feel free to discuss with me any questions or concerns that you may have.

My sessions are guided by your goals, questions and the unfolding of dialogue as information to assist, encourage and support you and your life during this time.  Details about your past may come forward and be addressed depending on its relevance to your present situation.  I am here to help you work through patterns that hold you back from experiencing your full potential of alignment, growth and joy.

My intention is to work with you from the purest and highest part of me of unconditional love and for the highest good of all those concerned.  My commitment to you is my openness, loyalty and dedication to help shift your consciousness, habits and patterns using my array of knowledge, training and skills. I am here to help you understand and let go of that which no longer serves you in order to achieve your purpose in life in accordance with your truest and highest self.  The slightest shift in consciousness, thinking and awareness creates a new way of being and creates a fresh perspective on how to deal with challenges and daily life. All adjustments that you make for your life are done with free will and by your personal choice.  The changes however will impact you at a soul level and will create a new state of Beingness.  My intention is to have you always leave my sessions with a few tools and maybe some ‘homework’ making you feel energized, motivated and more aware.  The results of all your ‘work’ will manifest positively in you living your life as you imagined it to be.

Please note that there are no quick fixes and all change takes time to incorporate into your life. Everything happens with small steps.. gradually.. incremental minor changes and a commitment is required on your behalf should you wish to attain your goals and make progress to the life you wish to be living.


The protection of your personal information is always a key concern.  All information that is discussed between us is done so in the strictest of confidence.  Except for circumstances discussed with you, your information can only be shared when you give specific authorization.  Please note that should decide to share information regarding your sessions, it is important to bear in mind the alignment of the individual/s that you are sharing with at the time of deliverance.  Please take a moment to consider the impact it may have on your progress especially if the individual involved often influences your thinking and may slow you down or digress you from your journey.

Payment & Fees 

All fees are expected to be paid prior to the time of your visit in order to guarantee your appointment.  Refunds cannot be offered should you not be available for your scheduled appointment, or if a cancellation has not be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment.  My fees for both individual sessions and packages are listed on my ‘Work With Me’ page (  Extended sessions can be arranged upon request with a pro-rated cost; in 15 min increments.  If finances present a difficulty, please discuss your circumstances with me so that arrangements may be made.  All international clients, please dial the area code for USA (011); followed by my telephone number 305 794 9536 and please remember to prepay the cost for your telephone sessions.


Since it is rarely possible to fill an appointment cancelled on short notice, you will be charged for the session if you miss it or cancel it without a 48 hours’ notice.  This policy is designed to help us both:  for me so that I don’t lose income and for you in that a missed appointment may be indicative of a way of avoiding addressing difficult issues in your life.  If you must cancel a session due to an emergency, please discuss any extenuating circumstances with me.


Consultations are best provided in a face-to-face setting on a regular basis; however, in some circumstances, telephone sessions may be the option of choice.  The same charges apply for telephone and in-office sessions.  Between sessions, you may leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.   In the event of immediate impending danger, you are advised to call 911.

Preparing for your Session

Prepare to arrive in alignment and be to present to your session.  Take a few moments to connect with your inner being and take a few deep breaths.  We will work from a full conscious mind so it is best not to indulge in recreational drugs or alcohol.  Should you not understand anything at any time during our sessions, please do not assume – it is better to always ask for clarity as this is a huge part of our work together.  You may want to bring a notebook to record any important observations that you could review later.  It is imperative to ground yourself before and after all sessions.

Signing this document acknowledges that you are here by choice and out of free will and are by no means attached to the results in accordance to the laws of attraction.  Please sign to acknowledge that you have read and agree to these terms.

Remember that all sessions are provided with unconditional love and in trust.

In appreciation always…


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